I don’t need my phone app to start 10 hour missions. And the button would eliminate that last step. I am unsure of what the « bonus set » is. When I first switched. Non-allied race I add the quests at the border between Northern Barrens and Ashenvale, and maybe a few extra Ashenvale quests, and once 40 it’s Felwood again. If you have enough HP and mana you can deal tons of damage and kill everybody. Hindi rin gumagana sa akin pag windows 7, pati yong Cat, yong hp viewer pwde..

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One just needs to know how to report, because the News view doesn’t.. I wish the app didn’t take for fucking ever just to process a single command. Results 1 – 14 of No thanks, the game has too much of this already. If you make a game so simple you can’t tell the difference between a human and a robot playing it, you’ve already lost that battle.

Just to add that the Gorgrond portal thingy is anyway preferable even without Draenor flying. And now people want that exact thing, fucking brilliant!

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I want to set my « Inventory-Hotkeys ». Dota health bar viewer is the solution, you dont have to press Alt to view HP anymore, and easily to.

lwt warcraft

That is why this doesn’t exist. See Wine Traffic 62 for another description of the issue.


I feel like pet battles would be easy graphically at least to add to the mobile experience, and it would draw more players into that aspect of the game. Shows your current hp above your health bar. Hard to get last watcraft. Maraming maraming salamat po sa free dota hotkey na ito mas mapapadali ang pag.

lwt warcraft

I welcome any minigames I can do on my phone that give me tangible rewards in game. Download dota hotkeys that is best for you. The only remarkable thing about the place was the warcrafh bank, and chatting with random people without being interrupted by a stupid blobber every 15 seconds.

I sit in my chair, drink beer, watch something, and when my line tugs I try to reel in whatever is there. Or there could ltw less.

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Originally Posted by clinophobia. Fishing was really well done in Legion. Maybe for schools of fish it can zoom in and do some kind of game there. It just doesn’t mean I have to be happy and silent about it. And it would help gathering reagents for baguettes. Blizzard doesn’t want a lot of things that would benefit the community at this point. I mean that’s what fishing actually is. Just my tips from leveling tons of alts, as I notice they don’t really match the OP.

Use the pointers to view the history of the chat. Newer Post Older Post Home. It’s the holiday busy season at my job, so don’t expect the update the same day as the patch. Google hasn’t helped me.


lwt warcraft

Not even speaking about the type of wep required for the fish and where to find it. Pretty quiet, no mobs. Good for midnight salmon! Originally Posted by Arrashi.

I mean there are fishbots in BDO still, so it’s not exactly true it would stop the botting. You can scan the cursor icon, which goes through the operating system and doesn’t touch warcrxft game, so it’s just a matter of spiraling It’s only a little bit of math to make this movement realistic, but the simple version is just scanning in a rectangular spiral the cursor around until the icon changes.

With prices driven down for fish it now becomes less and less profitable to bot fishing. Use mouse grab or full screen mode to bypass this problem.

You also have to get the cast off in the bouncing bar, though despite everyone hating it.